>3 K Karabella Kruise


There are just 11 more days until we set sail on the great Betsy Northrup with Berta and all of her knitted treasures on the grand ol Mississippi River. Yes, just 11 more days! Can you believe how time flies? The 3 K Staff is having so much fun getting ready for this event….there will be fun for everyone on board. One of our exclusive vendors is J.J.Norman….check this out:

Mehndi Henna Body Art By J.J. Norman

Experience the traditional art of Mehndi, using 100% natural Henna (Lawsonia Inermis) from India. Fresh Henna powder is mixed with organic lemon juice and the essential oil of Eucalyptus, mixed into a paste and drawn freehand upon the skin. Left on to dry, the intricate, creative Mehndi design, stains the skin, leaving a beautiful expression of art, which does a color dance for the next 72 hours, ultimately reaching a lovely dark cherry brown stain upon the skin. Lasting from 1-5 weeks and then fading away naturally.

J.J. can be seen by appointment at Progressions Salon at Mall of America, an Aveda concept salon spa. Visit http://www.progressionssalonspa.com

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