Thank you to all those who attended the 3 K Karabella Kruise!
93 people on board!! It was a smashing success and the “kruise” is sure to be an annual event! Next year we will have food!!
Berta Karapetyan was so much fun to meet & to see all of the fabulous garments from her smash hit book “Runway Knits”. J.J., the henna tattoo artist, was busy from the moment we set sailed until we docked, Jennie, the potter, had fun meeting all of the great 3 Kittens clients, Marcie, the skin specialist, was busy doing mini-massages, and Terri, the Premiere jewelery representative, had a fun time showing all of the latest jewelery fashions.

We were 20 minutes late arriving at the Pool & Yacht Club due to a mis-communication with the Pilot of the boat, so I apologize for that! And then we were 30 minutes late docking at the end because of the wait at the No.1 Lock & Dam on the way back to the Club….so we docked at 4:30p instead of 4p. The weather was ideal & the river was stunning that day with lots of other water-crafts on the water & folks along the riverside! So this all made for great sightseeing on the ride.
So, until next year, thank you to all who supported our event!

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  1. >I had so much fun on the kruise. Everyone was so nice and it was so cool seeing what everyone is making. I can’t wait for next year’s.


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