>Silpada Party August 30

>We’re hosting a Silpada party in the store, and you’re invited! If you’ve never heard of Silpada, it’s a fantastic jewelry line that only sells through home (or, in our case, store) parties. Their main draw is the sterling silver jewelry, such as this:

But they also have other beaded items and other styles of jewelry:

Anyway, the event is on Thursday evening from 6 – 8 pm, so come and see all of the fabulous pieces!

>Maggie’s Gone – SIGH


Cis drove Maggie Jackson to her next destination this morning. We were sad to see her go. What a funny, inspiring, entertaining and educational person she is. If you weren’t able to attend the fashion show or one of the classes, here are a few photos for you:

>Maggie at the Minnesota Knitters’ Guild

>Well, by now I hope everyone knows that Maggie Jackson is at 3 Kittens this week doing a couple of workshops for us today and tomorrow (there’s still room if you want to join us), plus a fashion show of the garments from her books this morning at 10 am.

Last night, Cis was doing a presentation at the Minnesota Knitters’ Guild meeting about new fall products, and Maggie asked if she could come along to do a mini fashion show. The Guild agreed. Maggie was great – very funny, gregarious and with loads of info regarding designing and knitting. Here are some photos:

Cis and Julie were the main models, although Maggie asked volunteers from the audience to help out as well. The last item pictured above is made completely out of squares that are then sewn together

>Knitting Daily


Have you signed up for “Knitting Daily” yet from Interweave Knits? It’s a great little blog which actually comes in your email. The reason I’m telling you about it today, though, is the Friday entry on The Four Knitting Truths. This article talks about how to make a garment that works for your body. There is a link in the article that takes you to a How to Measure Yourself page that includes photos. Two of the measurements are unique: Buddha Belly and High Tummy (both for ‘Rubenesque’ or ‘Goddess’ women). If you’ve ever made a sweater that you loved in the photo in the magazine or book or pattern leaflet, but found out when it was finished and on your body that it just didn’t work, I would highly recommend that you read this article and pull out the measuring tape!

>Whirlwind Scarf

>As most of you probably know by now, I broke my leg while on a trip to Duluth and had to have surgery last Wednesday. Since I can’t be in the store, I’ve been stitching up a storm at home. Here’s a photo of my most recently completed sample for the store:

This is the Whirlwind Scarf by Christine Furber for iKnitiatives. It’s made out of Berocco Suede – obviously 3 colors. This was a fun, cool project to knit…

Keep checking back, and as I get more store samples done, I’ll post photos of them.


>Fall Class Schedule

So, much going on with all of the Fall yarns arriving, events to plan, and most importantly a ton of work to get the Fall class schedule completed and published before the end of this week!
You might have noticed on an earlier blog that Knitchique Sheryl has the Moebius Bowl offered five different sessions…and I want to tell you about the change in fee structure I have made to our Thursday night W.I.P. sessions. Starting with this month, August, W.I.P. fees will be $20 for the calendar month, so even when there are 5 Thursdays, the fee will still be $20! At least once every month, a yarn representative will sit in with us and talk about what’s new & educate us about their different yarn companies! I will be the “regular” W.I.P. instructor with qualified substitutes to fill in on those rare occasions I might not be available.
Drop-ins are welcome, space available, for $10 a session. W.I.P. nights are a great way to get one-on-one assistance with those works in progress, meet new friends, meet industry insiders, keep up with all of the latest trends, and knit!
I’m off to LA next week for my 40th high school reunion, so lots of work to to before departure and lots of fun activities to return home to!
Thank you for supporting 3 Kittens Needle Arts!