>Perfect Stocking Stuffers & Chance to Win Free Yarn!


3 Kittens Needle Arts introduces Serendipity Knitting Needles.

Each needle is precision sized and handcrafted out of North American White Birch, a slow growing wood which results in a strong and resilient needle. The warm, silky feel of the needles is achieved through an eight step finishing process. Some finials are created from woods and some from polymer clays, each individually hand crafted. We currently have in stock straight 10″ needles with a variety of winter themed finials. Prices for the shawl stick pins are $9 & $11, and the needles are $18, $19 & $20, depending on the needle size. Who can resist a whimsical snowman or a hershey kiss??

There are also beautiful ‘pink ribbon’ needles & stick pins that make a thoughtful gift and a portion of the purchase is donated to the Susan Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. Add a beautiful pink skein of yarn & a scarf pattern for the knitter, or knit the scarf up and add the stick pin for that perfect touch!

These unique products won’t last long – perfect stocking stuffers!!

And, I also have a very special announcement from Interweave….

This is a very exciting opportunity from Interweave’s Knitting Daily….Check this out!!
Enter the Knitting Daily Yarn Spree at your LYS Contest online and be entered to win up to $300 worth of yarn at our store! Simply visit: http://www.knittingdaily.com/yarn-spree, enter your name and e-mail address, mention that 3 Kittens Needle Arts is your favorite spot to shop, and you could be contacted by Knitting Daily to come pick up a gift certificate for $100-$300 of FREE merchandise this January 2008, just in time to ring in the new year! Visit http://www.knittingdaily.com/yarn-spree and enter to win!


Yesterday, Julie and I went to the daytime meeting of the Needlework Guild of Minnesota and gave a presentation on Brazillian embroidery. Brazillian embroidery is unique in that it employs the use of 100% rayon threads. Varried stitches are used but bullions are heavily present in this form of embroidery. We had a wonderfully talented and receptive audience. We were thrilled to be in the midst of such talented and knowledgeable women!

>Happy Thanksgiving!

>So, by now everyone should be “working” on Thanksgiving left-overs and have full tummies!

We are all so fortunate to be home with friends & family to celebrate the season’s holidays!

Today has been fun at 3 Kittens…… The Adrienne Vittadini yarns & pattern booklets are going fast, and many folks are finding perfect gifts in the 2nd Annual Samples sale! Be sure and stop by for the 40% sale this weekend.

Megan, Liz’s daughter, made a special delivery of EggNog Lattes to keep us in the holiday spirit. Thank you, Megan!

If you are looking for something shiny, Britt Hawkins will be here on Sunday, December 9th, from 1p – 4p, to show us all of the latest sterling silver designs from Silpada. You can go to the web site (http://www.silpada.com/public/home.jsf) for a preview or stop by the shop to see a catalog. Britt will have several pieces for cash and carry purchases that afternoon.
Be sure and stop by for some holiday cookies & silver shopping!

>Gift Ideas & Classes for the Holidays!

>First, I would like to thank all of you that participated in our Education Survey. And, congratulations to Joann Murphy, our survey prize winner!

We analyzed all of the survey information you gave us and we are now in the final planning stages for our Winter class schedule. It should be posted on the web site by the 1st of December and we have classes planned for all levels of fiber artists!

In the meantime, we have added some great classes in the month of December to help you create some life time memories for your loved ones. Sheryl, the Knitchique, will be teaching Felted Toys ( how about a lovable little penguin or a funky hedge hog?) the first 3 Saturdays in December, and she will also do a one-session class for the Moebius Bowl, a great basket for gift giving or holiday decor. Janine is going to be sharing her expertise to assist you in making Felted Clogs for that someone special and she is also teaching the crocheted beaded bracelet for that little gift with some bling effect! And Tiffany is going to teach cables in a great one session class. You will be able to create unique cabled bracelets in time for that Secret Santa gift or all of your friends!

All of these classes are designed to help you create gifts that will be ready for this holiday season. Remember you always receive 10% off any yarns purchased for class projects at

3 Kittens!

>The Harmony Guides are here!


At long last, the Interweave re-formatted Harmony Guides are in the store. Come check them out – they are on our front table. Three beautiful volumes await your creativity. See “Knit & Purl”, “Cables & Arans” and “Lace & Eyelets”. Run, don’t walk as they are hot!

>Nifty Trick for Knitters

>Here’s a great little trick for knitters that I learned many years ago from Lisbeth Upitis, author of Latvian Mittens.
If you have a pattern that needs to be repeated every x rows, take a piece of yarn (10″ or longer) and double it upon itself. Next, knot your yarn at even intervals so that you end up with a number of loops in the yarn equal to the number of rows for your repeat. For instance, if you cable your pattern every 10 rows, make 9 knots in your yarn which will make 10 holes. This knotted/looped piece of yarn now becomes a marker that you can place on your knitting needle. Each time you come to the knotted/looped piece of yarn, slip it onto your needle into the next loop (make sure you’re always moving in the same direction – I like to use the “open” end as my ending point and the “looped” end as my beginning). When you get to the end of the knotted yarn, on the next row, go back to the beginning of the knotted yarn, and that’s when you do your cable (or whatever) again.

If you look at the photo above, you can see this technique in process on a cabled scarf for which I have to cable every 10th row. I have just finished the 8th row. The beginning of my knotted yarn (where I will do my cable) is in the upper left of the photo. The end is the “open” end on top of the knitting.

If you need some one on one help understanding this very useful tool, come in for a demo!

>Announcing Designers’ Knit Nite


This mews is for you if you attended any one
of the very special events hosted by 3 Kittens this year!

We have been very fortunate in 2007 to host
4 very talented designers:
Berta Karapetyan, Maggie Jackson, Iris Schreier and Chris Bylsma.
Two nights a month will be dedicated to all of you knitting on projects by any one of these four designers. We are naming these sessions Designers’ Knit Nites and they will be held (with a few date exceptions) on the 1st Tuesday and the 3rd Monday monthly from 6pm – 8pm at no cost. Four particpants need to be signed up to hold each session,
so please call in advance to reserve your seat.

The dates scheduled (so far) are as follows:

Mondays – 11/19, 12/17, 1/21 & 2/18
Tuesdays – 11/27, 12/4, 1/8 & 2/5

This is our way of saying thank you for supporting our events
to support you in finishing all of those fabulous projects!!
See you at Designers’ Knit Nites!!

P.S. Please note Designers’ Knit Nite replaces the Iris Knit Night & Karabella KAL!


>My book club met last night and enjoyed a lively discussion of The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs. The highlight of the evening was a phone call from the author herself! I checked out her website, including the website for her fictitious yarn shop in her book – Walker & Daughter – and discovered that she is open to phone-in conversations with book clubs. I took a chance and she was available. We had a delightful 1-hour conversation during which we peppered her with questions about her publishing background, being a writer who knits (not a knitter who writes), plot choices, her next book, and any new news about the book becoming a film (starring Julia Roberts). Her next book, by the way, is called Comfort Food. If I recall correctly, the main character is a chef and revolves around the current trend in cooking shows.

I am happy to say that her book is available at 3 Kittens Needle Arts – a great gift for the knitter in your life – holidays or birthdays.

>New Marie Mayhew Ornament Pattern


We just received the newest creative pattern from the Twin Cities own Marie Mayhew. She has again created a pattern to further stretch your creativity. These ornaments are knitted and felted. After that the creative juices get flowing with needle felting, embroidery or even bead work to embellish these Woolly Holiday Ornaments!