>Nifty Trick for Knitters

>Here’s a great little trick for knitters that I learned many years ago from Lisbeth Upitis, author of Latvian Mittens.
If you have a pattern that needs to be repeated every x rows, take a piece of yarn (10″ or longer) and double it upon itself. Next, knot your yarn at even intervals so that you end up with a number of loops in the yarn equal to the number of rows for your repeat. For instance, if you cable your pattern every 10 rows, make 9 knots in your yarn which will make 10 holes. This knotted/looped piece of yarn now becomes a marker that you can place on your knitting needle. Each time you come to the knotted/looped piece of yarn, slip it onto your needle into the next loop (make sure you’re always moving in the same direction – I like to use the “open” end as my ending point and the “looped” end as my beginning). When you get to the end of the knotted yarn, on the next row, go back to the beginning of the knotted yarn, and that’s when you do your cable (or whatever) again.

If you look at the photo above, you can see this technique in process on a cabled scarf for which I have to cable every 10th row. I have just finished the 8th row. The beginning of my knotted yarn (where I will do my cable) is in the upper left of the photo. The end is the “open” end on top of the knitting.

If you need some one on one help understanding this very useful tool, come in for a demo!

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