>Technical Difficulties

>If you haven’t noticed yet, our website www.3kittensneedlearts.com is experiencing technical difficulties. Unfortunately, my hard drive crashed last week on my laptop where I kept all of the files for the website. I tried transferring the files from the website to my store computer, but somehow, not only did they not transfer correctly, the website is now not running properly. I hope to have this remedied in the next few days, but in the meantime, please bear with us!

One thought on “>Technical Difficulties

  1. >I heard that Vittadini yarns/pattern books are being discontinued. I am still trying to get back issues one at a time on Ebay as athey come up, but there is a lot of competition. I need a pattern for her “Sphia” yarn, I have about twelve skeins and need a pattern for them. Help!


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