>New Books in the Shop!


Two new offerings from Martingale & Company. “Stitch Style Mittens” and “Stitch Style Socks”. Both books are jam packed with designs in all levels of technique. Come in and check out the acordian mittens in Stitch Style Mittens and the I Love Socks pattern is just waiting to be knit for Valentines Day!

Yeah! Meg Swanson and Joyce Williams book “Armenian Knitting” has us all itching to make the Knit Purl sweater – great technique reference in this book for steeks for the Cossack vest, trapping your yarns in two color knitting and just good reading!

Then, I am soooooooooooo proud of this next book. Monica Ferris’s “Knitting Bones” has arrived in the shop. Yet another murder mystery with a group effort on the who-done-it. The pattern in the back of the book is by local knitting instructer Rosemary Kosel – who just happens to be my Mom – yeah Mom!

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