>Happy New Year ~ Special Deals!


We all hope everyone enjoyed the holiday season!
January is an exciting month for us at 3 Kittens…Julie & I leave for TNNA Market next week – lots of learning oppotunities and shopping galore!!!
And did I mention that market is being held in sunny Long Beach, California?
Ahhhhh…fibers & sunshine, what more would a girl ask for?
I know what a girl would ask for – special deals on special yans!

January is Louis Harding month at 3 Kittens.

All of Louisa’s fabuouls books are designated as 3 K Book Club books and you get to enjoy 15% off all Louisa’s yarns for the entire month of January!

And – we have a fabulous trunk show from Louisa’s book, “Knitting Little Luxuies”, that will be on display at the shop from January 7 through January 14!

Note: If you’re not sure what the 3K Book Club is all about – buy the designated book(s) and receive a book plate for that book that entitles you to 10% off yarns purchased for projects in the book for the life of the book!

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