>could it be Sock-Mania?

>I’m thrilled to report that my Magic Loop Socks class is full! Thanks, everyone, for signing up, we should have a lot of fun. If you didn’t make it into this great group, please call us anyway – if we get a few more people, I will happily set up another session. Just call and get on the list and we’ll make it happen! Magic Loop is great for socks and every other thing you could possibly knit in the round. I really like it as just one more way to reach my knitting goals!

Also, Cis has just added a session of Socks on DPNs (double-points), which will be on Saturday mornings starting February 9th. This class is already filling, so if you want to get in on the Sock Mania, call and get your spot today!

If you don’t want to knit socks (or already know how!) don’t forget about our other fantastic classes coming up:

  • Cable Bracelet on Tuesday, February 19th
  • Domino Knitting starting Thursday, April 3rd
  • Lace Knitting starting Wednesday, March 5th
  • Moebius Bowl on Saturday, February 9th
  • Scarf Style II on Wednesday, February 13th
  • Baby Surprise Jacket starting on Sunday, March 9th
  • Swedish Mittens starting on Wednesday, February 6th
  • Crochet WIP on Wednesday nights
  • Knit WIP on Thursday nights


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