>What do Monica Ferris and cotton yarn have in common?

>Cotton yarn season is soon upon us and I have a few thoughts on the subject. Some of us are not big fans of knitting with cotton as much as we are fans of wool fibers. I would consider myself and yes, some of you can identify with this too, a “fiber snob”. What does that mean? Well, I love 100% natural fibers but again, cotton has no give, it has a mind of it’s own sometimes and when it has a tight twist it can actually be hard on my hands. So being a fiber snob, I for a long time didn’t knit with cotton for all the reasons mentioned above. BUT, I have broken the fiber snob rule by discovering cotton blends and I LOVE them! Cotton mixed with bamboo, wool, alpaca and linen and again a BIG yes, acrylic. The shop has a new GGH yarn called Samoa in tweeded colors and Norwegian Spirit’s Fiesta are each a blend of cotton and acrylic. This mix makes the cotton easier to knit with, easier on my hands, lighter weight and takes a washing better. How cool! – Literally on those hot summer nights that are just around the corner!!!

Don’t forget this Thursday from 6-7:30 Monica Ferris will be in the shop to autograph the latest needlework mystery. We also have copies of “Knitting Bones”, the latest book as well as a sampleing of her other titles in the shop for sale.

So what do cotton and Monica Ferris have in common – absolutely nothing except that they have both been on my mind !

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