>Cool Tip & Lee Trunk Show


First – here is the best tip we have heard in a long time so we have to share:
How do I know what gauge I will get when I double my yarn?
The clue to your answer is on the yarn label:
double the yarn label gauge (ie., 5 stitches = 1 inch, so 5 times 2 = 10)
and divide that number by 3 (ie., 10 divided by 3 = 3.3)
and that quotient is your new gauge.
Slick, right?
If I double my worsted weight yarn,
I will have gauge at chunky or 3 1/2 stitches to 1 inch.
Lee Trunk Show is here!
The needlepoint room is filled with fabulous canvasses & leather goods.
3 K Club members get to enjoy 20% off Lee purchases during the trunk show.
Non 3K Club members will receive a 15% discount.
Come see & get inspired to stitch!!

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