>Project Little Lambs


3 Kittens is excited to be part of Project Little Lambs sponsored by Cornerstone. Cornerstone’s mission is to prevent domestic abuse. They provide children and adults a continuum of service that builds sustainable self-reliance and revives the human spirit. Cornerstone educates, advocates & leads the way to social change. In 2007, Cornerstone provided safety, support and education to 17,144 women, children, and men who had been exposed to domestic violence. The goal of Project Little Lambs is to collect 200 contributions of new, handmade children’s sized afghans for use by Cornerstone clients by August 1st. The afghans will provide warmth & comfort to little ones at a time of upheaval. Somewhere in your community – maybe in your neighborhood – a family is in crisis. Your gift of a homemade afghan can bring love and hope into a home torn apart by violence.
3 Kittens has set a goal to collect no less than 50 afghans from our store’s knitting & crochet clients. Are you ready to join the mission? We have a selection of yarns and simple afghan patterns to recommend. Whether you’re an experienced knitter or crocheter or a beginner, all skill levels are encouraged to participate. The suggested size is no smaller than 28″ by 32″ made out of all washable yarns.
To learn more about Cornerstone visit their web site at: http://www.cornerstonemn.org.h/

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