>More Yarns in the Kiddie Pool

>If you’ve been in the store the last two weeks, you’ve probably noticed our kiddie pool full of bags of yarn that we’re selling at big discounts before our move (“dive in for savings!”). It seemed like it was getting a little low, but apparently Cis and Rachael moved more yarns into the pool yesterday, because Friday evening it was overflowing again! I noticed that there were some of the Bristol Yarn Gallery yarns in the pile. I’ve been using Somerset (pima/silk) from that line to make the Flutter Sleeve Cardigan from the Spring Issue of Interweave Knits. The yarn is fantastic – and if it’s on sale in the kiddie pool, you should definitely look at it. There are also bags of Tove & Fritidsgarn from Norwegian Spirit. And, I would imagine that there are lots more yarns that I don’t even know about yet!

In the needlepoint side of the store, Julie’s put more canvases on the sale rack to move them out before our big relocation as well. They’re hanging on a rack near the classroom table. There are some really nice pieces on there!

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>Sticth n Pitch July 20th!!


Hey… want to have a great time with a bunch of folks that love having a great time?

Then email or call us and reserve your seat to sit with your friends from 3 Kittens for the 3rd Annual Stitch n Pitch game!

Logistics for Minnesota Twins vs. Texas Rangers MLB Game:

Date ~ Sunday, July 20th

Game Start Time ~ 110pm

Bus from 3 Kittens departs 1130am

Cost for this fun filled afternoon with fiber enthusiasts and baseball lovers (or not):

Upper Deck Seat Ticket Cost ~ $21

Dome Dollars Cost ~ $8 for $10 value good for food and beverage purchases

Round Trip Bus Ticket from 3 Kittens ~ $15

Stitch n Pitch ticket holders will each receive a very cool sun visor embroidered with the Twins and Stitch n Pitch logos – should make for a great visual in the Dome all of us sitting there in our visors – knitting, crocheting, and stitching!

The Dome Dollars are a good value.
Cost of Dome Dogs & Beer can add up fast and the $2 savings is sweet!

Last year the bus was fabulous – dropped us off right at the curb in front of the ticket gates and there was our driver & bus waiting for us at the end of the game curbside to take us back to the store – no parking hassles, no traffic – just smooth cruisin’!

Sign up now – join the fun!! Nothing like Apple Pie, Baseball & Knitting!!

P.S. Thanks to all that came and knit in public with Janine & I last Saturday.
What a great afternoon!!

>World Knitting in Public Day, June 14, 2008


Come join the fun with 3 Kittens from 11am until 1pm, tomorrow, June 14th, for our World Knit in Public Day event at our soon to be new address….The Village at Mendota Heights!! Bring your lawn chair & knitting (crochet is ok too!)…look for us in the court yard….balloons attached to our needles. I’ll have special store coupons for each attendee and a couple fun door prizes too! Check the link above for the Village. It is a great spot to meet with friends for coffee, lunch or ice cream!

>Orphan Works Act

>Hi, everyone, from sunny, hot Columbus, Ohio where Cis and I are attending The National Needlearts Association market. Yes, we get to fondle all the new yarn, gaze in amazement at the beautiful canvases, shake hands with the rock stars of the industry, and walk miles upon miles throughout the market. We’re having a great (albeit exhausting) time, but you will have an even better time when the new products start arriving!

Today, though, I want to talk about a very important problem for our industry (as well as for artists, authors, photographers, etc.). It’s the Orphan Acts Bill that is currently in discussion in the United States Legislature. The Orphan Acts Bill, in a very condensed version, will require that anyone who produces a copyrighted item must register the copyright with the US government for a fee (currently, all you have to do on a knitting pattern, for instance, is write on the pattern that it is copyrighted to you). In addition, copyrighted material will have to be included in a database. which will also probably require a fee for inclusion. Then if someone wants to use your material, they must search the database(s) to see if there is a copyright and if they can’t find the material on the database(s), they can then call it an “orphan work” and use your item in any way they see fit — even to the point of stealing the whole work! This can be disastrous in our industry for pattern designers, canvas designers, etc., because of the cost of registering and then including the patterns on the databases. Some designers simply won’t do it at the risk of losing their designs to unethical people. Others might give up on designing because the cost and time is too prohibitive.

What can you do to help? Please go to the Orphan Works Opposition Headquarters and use their links to contact your Senators and Congress people now!

Thank you!

>Little Lamb Project Update


For those of you that don’t know about the little lamb project that we are participating in, here is a quick refresher (there is also a blog post here about it):

Project Little Lamb is the afghan drive for Cornerstone, which is a Minnesota based non-profit dedicated to the prevention of domestic violence. Their work is a national model for breaking the intergenerational cycle of abuse, and fostering self-sufficiency and hope.

These afghans will be given to babies and children who have experienced domestic violence. They will also be displayed at sponsorship events later this year, to raise needed funds for Cornerstone.

Our goal as a shop is to have 50 Afghans donated by August 1st. We now have 20 little lamb blankets donated! Only 30 more to go!
If you are interested in making (either by knitting or crocheting) an afghan for Project Little Lamb here are a few guide lines:
Minimum size is 28×32
Must be Machine Washable
Must be dropped off to the shop before August 1st.
Don’t forget we also have patterns and yarn suggestions (some even on sale!) at the shop
Thank you to all of you who have already donated, and to all of you who are still working!

>New Sock Yarn!

>Just Arrived! New sock yarn that is 100% wool free!

On Your Toes from SR Kertzer is 75% bamboo and 25% nylon. It comes in a variety of colors, some solids and some variegated, all of them are fantastic! The bamboo gives this yarn a nice shine while the nylon gives it some durability. Each 100 gram ball will give you a pair of socks, so come on in and check it out.

Also, just in time for 4th of July, we have red, white and blue sock yarn! (A perfect project to bring to the Stitch and Pitch on July 20th!)

We also received some nice cotton perfect for those dish rags we all love to knit during the hot months. (Now all we need is some of that hot weather!)

>Are you into “Retro Knits”?


Hey everyone! Come on into the shop on Thursday June 12th at 7:00 for a presentation by the editor of this new book “Retro Knits”. Kari Cornell will be here in-store for a presentation and discussion. This no-charge event is sure to bring smiles to all – would you like to knit the wool bathing suit from the 30’s – or do you remember the sweaters that Mr. Rogers wore on every show? You can own one just like it because the Men’s Jacket in the book would make even Mrs. Rogers itching to stitch! Please call the shop to make a reservation – space is limited.
See you all then!!!!

>Limited Edition Tofutsies Sock Yarn


The lastest Limited Edition (June 2008) Tofutsies sock yarn arrived in the store this week. The limited editions don’t last long in the store, so make sure you come in soon if you want this colorway in this very interesting yarn made with wool, soysilk, cotton and chitin (made from shrimp and crab shells).