>Sticth n Pitch July 20th!!


Hey… want to have a great time with a bunch of folks that love having a great time?

Then email or call us and reserve your seat to sit with your friends from 3 Kittens for the 3rd Annual Stitch n Pitch game!

Logistics for Minnesota Twins vs. Texas Rangers MLB Game:

Date ~ Sunday, July 20th

Game Start Time ~ 110pm

Bus from 3 Kittens departs 1130am

Cost for this fun filled afternoon with fiber enthusiasts and baseball lovers (or not):

Upper Deck Seat Ticket Cost ~ $21

Dome Dollars Cost ~ $8 for $10 value good for food and beverage purchases

Round Trip Bus Ticket from 3 Kittens ~ $15

Stitch n Pitch ticket holders will each receive a very cool sun visor embroidered with the Twins and Stitch n Pitch logos – should make for a great visual in the Dome all of us sitting there in our visors – knitting, crocheting, and stitching!

The Dome Dollars are a good value.
Cost of Dome Dogs & Beer can add up fast and the $2 savings is sweet!

Last year the bus was fabulous – dropped us off right at the curb in front of the ticket gates and there was our driver & bus waiting for us at the end of the game curbside to take us back to the store – no parking hassles, no traffic – just smooth cruisin’!

Sign up now – join the fun!! Nothing like Apple Pie, Baseball & Knitting!!

P.S. Thanks to all that came and knit in public with Janine & I last Saturday.
What a great afternoon!!

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