>Update on Iowa Flood Relief

>We received a very nice note from Carol Anderson at Cottage Creations about the donations of handmade items that were sent to her for Flood & Tornado Relief in Iowa. Carol wrote:

What a response! I write this the afternoon before Thanksgiving, and I’m so thankful that I, on behalf of many Iowans, can thank each and every knitter who gave so generously of their time and talent, plus dollars for shipping. Over 300 parcels from 260 individuals or shops arrived at our doorstep… The Salvation Army in Cedar Rapids, Iowa City and Mason City and Emergency Services in Butler County have received everything, just in time for winter. Butler County has a population of 15,000 and 3/4 of the people were affected by either the devastating tornado or flooding. The other cities suffered severe flooding, resulting in so many left homeless.

Carol reports that the following items were donated:

  • 58 Shawls/Prayer Shawls
  • 137 Afghans
  • 869 Scarves
  • 509 Mittens
  • 1827 Caps
  • 985 Infant Items
  • 1161 Dishcloths
  • 85 Slippers
  • 185 Socks
  • 121 Adult Sweaters
  • 133 Kids Sweaters
  • 61 Other Items

That’s a total of 6,131 items! Thank you to all who brought items to 3 Kittens to send to Iowa. And, a special thanks to Carol and her husband, Paul, who organized this drive!

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