>Last Minute Christmas Gifts

>O.K., so I haven’t been very good about giving everyone more gift ideas to make before the holidays… I am sorry… No excuses, just busy.

However, I do have a couple of pretty quick little projects that you can still do. The first is one of Mary Mayhew’s fun winter/holiday knitted and felted items. I am currently making her Woolly Gnome: Or how about her Woolly Gingerbread Man:

Another well-loved gift (at least among my relatives) are cozy knitted and felted Clog Slippers by Fiber Trends:

Fiber Trends also has patterns for crocheted and felted slippers.

And, finally, if you just don’t have time to make something by Christmas, we have lots of fun stocking stuffers and gifts for all of the crafters in your life. Come into the store and check out our Stockings for Sock Knitters, Stitchers, Crocheters and Beginning Knitters.

Ask about our 12 Days of Christmas specials going on between now and Christmas Eve. 25% off the following:

1st Day – Patterns, books, booklets

2nd Day – Totes and other ‘vessels’

3rd Day – Lopi

For info on what’s happening on the remaining Days of Christmas, sign up for our newsletter on our website!

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