>A Knitting Comic Book


We received a shipment of ten copies of a new comic book, Handknit Hereos, earlier this week. It’s about three superheroes with bullet-proof knitted fabric. The issue we have is Issue 1, and it introduces all the characters in prep for more super-heroics in the quarterly issues to follow. Each issue also contains a knitting pattern. This issue’s pattern is pictured above.
As of this morning, there were only 2 copies left in the store. We may have to order more!

>Vineyard Silk Search

>Help! I’ve run out of an old dye-lot of Vineyard Silk that I’m hoping one of you dear customers might have on hand. The color is Cumulus (C-154) which is a light blue and the dye lot is 30. The newer dye lots of this color are very different. I only need a small amount – maybe 1/4 skein.

Thanks for your help!