>Customer Appreciation #1

>When you bring your finished items into 3 Kittens to show us, remind us to take a photo of you so we can put you on our blog. I want to make this a regular feature of our blog – so take note.

Here’s our first customer photo of Diane Berg with her wonderful sock monkey that she knit, stuffed and embellished.

The sock monkey is almost as big as Diane, whom we affectionately call Big D. Diane is not only a knitter; she also crochets and needlepoints. Thanks Diane for sharing your sock monkey with us!

>The Power of Knitting (And Other Needle Crafts)

>My mother-in-law recently sent me an article that she had torn out from a magazine. I can’t tell what magazine it is, but it’s from a column called Mindwise. The article said:

According to research at the Harvard-affiliated Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine, the repetitive motion and focus of needlework can elicit what’s known as the relaxation response – a calming meditation-like state that slows heart rate and causes blood pressure to drop. In addition, a study published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society suggests that knitting is associated with a lower risk of dementia for those 65 and older.

Food for thought, eh? It reminds me of a talk I heard at The National Needlearts Association market last year given by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee of Yarn Harlot fame. She talked about the science behind repetitive motions like knitting and crocheting, and how people are smarter and more creative when they do things like this. I wish I could remember all the details – but instead of taking notes, I was knitting (what a surprise, eh?).

Finally, I received a postcard in the mail a couple of days ago advertising a Contemplative Knitting Workshop on Friday, May 15, 2009 from 9am-5pm at the Shambhala Meditation Center of Minneapolis. For more information check out the Shambhala Center’s website.

>More Yarn for Your Buck


We’ve moved several yarns into our clearance area:
  • Mirasol Cotanani $3.90 (originally $6.50)
  • Berroco Glace $4.80 (originally $8.00)
  • Berroco Softwist $3.60 (originally $6.00)
  • Plymouth Baby Alpaca Brush $4.80 (originally $8.00)
  • Classic Elite Four Seasons $3.15 (originally $5.25)
  • Berroco Chinchilla Bulky $4.35 (originally $7.25)
  • Sandnesgarn Mandarin Fiesta Solids/Prints $3.90/$4.50 (originally $6.50/$7.50)

Plus we have all of our Serendipity knitting needles at 40% off while supplies last, and we have a few patterns and books available in the clearance area as well.

>Skacel Spring Arrivals

>We received two new yarns today from Skacel! The first is a wonderful blend of merino and cotton from Schulana aptly named Merino Cotton 90.

The next one is Urban Silk by Skacel.

This is a beautiful blend of silk and cotton, but we only received 4 skeins of 6 different colors, so it’s sure to go quickly.