>When The Cat’s Away…


Since Janine and Laura were at market, the rest of us in the shop decided to rearrange the layout of the store. All the yarn is not yet in its final home, but please come in and let us know what you think of the new layout. We were hoping to provide a little more privacy for people when classes are in session.
No photos because it is a surprise!
This week we also got in new issues of Wild Fibers, Spin Off and Verenda. Stop in and pick up your copy today.
We also have all of our Jo Sharp wool on clearance: single skeins are 40% off and bag quanities are 50% off. Some of it is up front in the white cabinet (next to the needles) and the rest in the back clearance area. Once it is gone it is gone, so hurry in and stock up. 

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