>State Fair Winners


We have 2 customers who won ribbons at the 2010 Minnesota State Fair.
Judy Kishel won the First Premium ribbon for her fantastic needlepoint pillow she made her sister (it is full of symbols of her sister’s life).
It is stunning. Julie Mast (one of the owners here at 3 Kittens) helped with the design.
Deb Erhart won a Third Premium ribbon for her wonderful winter tree pillow.
It is so beautiful.
Congratulations Judy and Deb!
There is also an employee here at the shop that won a ribbon at the 2010 Minnesota State Fair.
Cecilia Wright won a Second Premium ribbon for her colorwork child sweater. She designed it herself.
It is on display here in the shop right now so you can stop by and check it out.
Congratulations Cecilia. 

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