I love books. I always have. All kinds of books: fiction, science fiction, history, biographies, memoirs, etc. 
When I started knitting, I of course discovered the plethora of knitting books available. I now have a LOT of knitting books, some are brand new and some are very old. I thought I would share some of my favorites with you.
I love Barbara Walker’s books. I have her Treasury of Knitting Patterns Vol 1 & 2 and her Mosaic Knitting book. These books are great source books to have in your library. They are great for trying new stitches or designing your own garments. Practice a new stitch by making a dishcloth or other small item.
If you like to make toys, I would recommend Debbie Bliss’ Toy Knits. The toys are cute and the patterns straightforward. I also love Anna Hrachovec’s Knitting Mochimochi. Her patterns are fun and silly and any one can follow her instructions. Check out her fun website
I also recommend any of the One Skein Wonder books. I have 3 of them and I find them great for gifts and for small projects. I find myself going back to them over and over again.
If you have any knitting books you cannot live without, leave a message and let us all know. 

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