>Report From Janine


Waiting for the 1st customers to arrive

I got to be a guest at Friday night, April 15ths Needlepoint event – what a way to spend your tax return!

Staff welcoming customers

As a fly on the wall I got to witness all the excitement as the first customer, Ann Girard walked, no, waltzed in the shop.  Ann and all the customers that came were able to partake not only in a bit of wine and nibbles but, also all the “unveiled” canvases. 

Everyone having fun looking at canvases

The oohs and ahhs were not unlike that on the 4th of July as the guests gazed at the plunder that Julie, Laura, Pat and the needlepoint staff had on display. 

Laura, Julie & Pat

From the Stricktly Christmas, Ruth Schmuff and Once in a Blue Moon canvases to the stockings, ornaments and pillows there was something for everyone, O.K., perhaps 2 for everyone!

So Many Choices

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