>Chemo Hats

>Several years ago a group of women from the Woman’s Club of Minneapolis, many of them cancer survivors, started knitting chemo caps for patients at the Hennepin County Medical Center (HCMC). Two years ago, they donated over 300 hats. By donation time in April, HCMC had just one hat left. Last year over 400 hats were donated! HCMC was happy about the increased donation, because in addition to chemo patients, they would like to make sure that any child that visits the hospital during the winter is given a hat if he/she doesn’t have one. In order to accommodate these needs, more people are needed to participate.

Hats don’t require a lot of yardage, so many avid knitters and crocheters may have leftovers from projects that can be used to knit a hat or two. The only issue in regard to the chemo hats is that they need to be made with soft yarns that won’t itch. When people lose their hair, the scalp is extremely sensitive. We recommend using cotton or microfiber yarns.

The Grace Akhrem patterns pictured in this post would make great chemo caps. They will be available at the store within the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, if you are antsy to get started, Head Huggers, has a number of free patterns for hats that would be suitable for chemo patients.

Feel free to drop off your completed hats at the store. Label them HCMC, and Alison will deliver them to the Woman’s Club of Minneapolis.

7 thoughts on “>Chemo Hats

  1. >Donna – I'm sorry, but these hats aren't for sale; they are for people to make. We sell the pattern for both hats in our store, so if you or someone you know knits or crochets, we're happy to set you up with the pattern and yarn.Thanks for your interest, and good luck to your daughter!Laura


  2. >I would like to get the pattern but I am in Madison, WI. Do you have an online version for purchase? Could I purchase with a credit card and have it mailed to me? I am doing an event for St. Baldrick's (Childhood Cancer Research) and would like to sell a few of these there & donate the money to them.Thank you!Gigi


  3. Hello! These patterns are so classy! I would love to make either of these hats for my cousin, who has alopecia. I looked for these on Ravelry but couldn’t find them! Can you either direct me to the pattern on Ravelry or give me information on purchasing them? Thank you very much!


    1. Sarah – These hats are available as Ravelry downloads. The pattern names are Maid Marian (crochet) and Robin Hood (knit). Both are designed by Grace Akhrem. Enjoy!



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