>Desperate Gifters IV: Reclaimed Cashmere Lacy Scarf


Reclaimed Cashmere Lacy Scarf
Designed by Beverly Vasquez


The name of the pattern is a bit of a misnomer in this case, because I knit it out of Misti Alpaca Tonos WorstedI loved knitting this scarf – and I didn’t pick the yarn or pattern. First of all, I have never met an alpaca I didn’t love. It’s soft, smooth and feels great on your hands when you knit it. My first project out of an alpaca yarn ruined me for cheap acrylic yarn for life!


But, more about the pattern, which comes from Luxury Yarn One Skein-Wonders. This is one of those bonus patterns that looks complicated but is actually fairly simple. In fact, I would recommend this pattern to someone who hasn’t done much lace. There are only 3 different rows of instructions, and 2 of them are all knits and purls. The end result is a pretty lace and the way the decreases are spaced, they give a “mock-cable” look. It was very satisfying and knit quickly. The pattern said to knit for 40” which is “long enough” but I kept going until I ran out of yarn so mine is slightly longer (44″).
An added bonus to this pattern is that it looks good on both the “right” side (the left photo below) and the “wrong” side (right photo).

~ Alison

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