the knitter’s life list

OMG! The new book “The Knitter’s Life List: To Do • To Know •To Explore •To Make” by Gwen W. Steege is a book of powerhouse proportions for knitters of all levels and interests. The pictures alone are eye candy enough to make your fingers begin to yearn for their friends, the knitting needles!I suggest exploring the lists at the beginning of each chapter – check off the ones you have completed and highlight the items from each list you are dying to try! (Or was that a hint to try dying?)Do not look to this book for patterns; instead, look to learn about knitters, sheep, color and more in a fun and fantastical format. Read “Knitter’s Life List” like a book – you’ll be interested and entertained. You won’t even know it’s teaching you things you perhaps didn’t know were missing from your knitterly knowledge!~ Janine

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