our connection to the olympics

Did you know that 3 Kittens has a connection to the Olympics?

One of our customers, Melisa, is the sister of the head coach of the US Women’s Epee (Fencing) Team. Melisa stopped by our sidewalk sale a few weeks ago, and somehow the conversation turned to the Olympics. In a follow up email, Melisa said:

As I mentioned, my brother Roberto Sobalvarro is the fencing coach for the US Women’s Epee team,  and one of his fencers, Susie Scanlan, is on the Epee team. Susie has fenced at my brother’s club since she was young. My brother Ro owns a fencing club in St. Paul. http://twincitiesfencing.com/

Fencing is one of “those” sports that no one knows much about. My brother started fencing when he went to Macalester back in the late 70’s. He’s owned the club in St. Paul for many years. He and his wife, and teenaged son live in St. Paul.

Susie grew up in St. Paul and is a graduate of Central High School. She currently attends Princeton and fences for them.
Even though fencing is not considered one of the “top” sports at the Olympics, I think it’s great that there is a REAL local connection.
I’m attaching a picture of Ro and Susie from a recent world cup event.

Susie competes today at the London Olympics. As we’re stitching, let’s cheer her and Melissa’s brother, Ro, on!

(By the way, I know the connection is rather tenuous, but we take what we can get when it comes to Olympic connections!)

a visit to robin’s nest

I had a fun little visit with Robin Shaw at Robin’s Nest today. Robin’s Nest is just a couple of doors down from us in the Village at Mendota Heights. Robin has a collection of made-to-order, custom-fit garments for women, which is the main focus of her business. However, what intrigued me was the full-body scan Robin’s Nest offers. This is not the same kind of scan that you receive at airport security. This scan provides you with all of your body measurements – in US & metric.

So I went over to get the scan. It took about 10
minutes (including the time it took me to strip down to my skivvies, sans jewelry).  Once ready, I stepped onto a box (see the photo at right), and Robin took two scans.

To get all of my measurements, it cost $15.00! Now instead of guessing what size sweater I should make and how long the sleeves should be, I’ll have all of the data I need in an Xcel file! (Just in time for me to start my Ravellenic Games project, the Inversion Cardigan by Jared Flood. )

Robin and I were chatting after the scan, and I also found out that several of the decorations in her store were made using yarn from 3 Kittens. For instance the picture above was made by nailing the outline of Robin’s Nest and then stringing/wrapping yarn around the nails. The same technique was used to frame all of the photos in the store! Plus, Robin cleverly found a chandelier frame and strategically wrapped yarn around that for a unique light fixture.



ravelry: project gallery for persian poppy

In case you’re wondering what you can possibly do with the swatch that you will be making in Brandon Mably’s Persian Poppies Workshop, check out the Ravelry project gallery for the original pattern by Kaffe Fassett!

Ravelry: Project Gallery for Persian Poppy Waistcoat pattern by Kaffe Fassett.

People have made vests, shawls, cardigans and more. Here’s one of my favorites:

Sarahbelle’s “Poppies” Poncho


kaffe fassett and brandon mably to visit october 14

Concentrate on Color

Lecture/Book Signing with Kaffe Fassett


Get motivated and inspired by acknowledged color master, Kaffe Fassett! Kaffe’s presentation will highlight works from his latest projects, including patchwork quilt, fabric, needlepoint, mosaic, painting and knitting designs. A tremendous amount of Kaffe’s inspiration comes from his travels, and his lecture is designed to empower and inspire his audience to create and develop their “mind’s eye.” Audiences leave invigorated – entranced by Kaffe’s sense and use of color, they are ready to try it themselves! The slide show and lecture lasts approximately 45 minutes, followed by a question and answer session and book signing.

Cost $20/person
Attendance Maximum 300


Persian Poppy Design

Knitting Workshop with Brandon Mably


Enjoy a one-day creative knitting workshop with Brandon! This workshop is for knitters who are interested in sharpening their color observation in design and yarn selection. Brandon will give an introduction to the Persian Poppy Design (see swatches in photo). Students will work from the Persian Poppy graph provided. Brandon will demonstrate the methods of carrying yarn in Fair Isle and in intarsia knitting and will work with students as they apply the techniques to their own knitting. Attention will be paid to color, texture and pattern, and everyone will work on a swatch using at least 12 colors. At the end of the day, Brandon will provide feedback to everyone.

Cost $225 (3K Club Members – $200)
Class Size Limited to 25
Lunch, beverages and snacks included in price

Online Registration will begin August 1.

3K Club Members can call now to reserve their spot.

Both events will be held at the Mendakota Country Club in Mendota Heights, just minutes from 3 Kittens. A dress code (business casual) is enforced at the Mendakota.