a visit to robin’s nest

I had a fun little visit with Robin Shaw at Robin’s Nest today. Robin’s Nest is just a couple of doors down from us in the Village at Mendota Heights. Robin has a collection of made-to-order, custom-fit garments for women, which is the main focus of her business. However, what intrigued me was the full-body scan Robin’s Nest offers. This is not the same kind of scan that you receive at airport security. This scan provides you with all of your body measurements – in US & metric.

So I went over to get the scan. It took about 10
minutes (including the time it took me to strip down to my skivvies, sans jewelry).  Once ready, I stepped onto a box (see the photo at right), and Robin took two scans.

To get all of my measurements, it cost $15.00! Now instead of guessing what size sweater I should make and how long the sleeves should be, I’ll have all of the data I need in an Xcel file! (Just in time for me to start my Ravellenic Games project, the Inversion Cardigan by Jared Flood. )

Robin and I were chatting after the scan, and I also found out that several of the decorations in her store were made using yarn from 3 Kittens. For instance the picture above was made by nailing the outline of Robin’s Nest and then stringing/wrapping yarn around the nails. The same technique was used to frame all of the photos in the store! Plus, Robin cleverly found a chandelier frame and strategically wrapped yarn around that for a unique light fixture.



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