stephen west mystery kal

The last meeting of our group of knitters working on the mystery shawl, Rockefeller, by Stephen West was yesterday evening. None of us are finished, of course, since the last clue just came out yesterday, but I thought you might like to see a photo of our progress!


Congratulations to all of the participants: Jamia, Nancy, Claudia, Barb, Chris, Elizabeth, Alison, Janine and Laura!

2 thoughts on “stephen west mystery kal

  1. I loved meeting new people and working together on the clues/project! I am looking forward to the next KAL! I love the Rockefeller shawl and am anxious to complete it! Thanks to everyone at 3 Kittens and of course the creative and talented Stephen West!


  2. What fun! I enjoyed the mystery….and I love a challenge! But what I really enjoyed was getting together with some fun women! It was interesting how we came up with the different colors and see how the yarns worked. What started as a rain soaked night turned into new frienships and fun. Something I have always enjoyed at 3k. Wish we have more events like this.


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