rasha’s old forge baby blanket

One day our customer Rasha came into the store seeking some help. She had seen a version of Stephen West’s Old Forge blanket which used 3 colors instead of just 2, and she loved the look, but she wanted to make a baby blanket.  Old Forge uses worsted weight yarn, and it is a full sized (65” Diameter) blanket. So we discussed what to do, and I suggested she use a lighter yarn and smaller needles to size the blanket down. In the end we choose Dale of Norway’s Baby Ull because it is machine washable and comes in a ton of colors. We did some quick math and figured out that she could do the pattern as written and it should be perfect.  Of course, it was hard to know how many skeins to buy, so we guessed and hoped for the best.  In the end she used 1 skein of pink, 2 skeins of lavender and 5 skeins of the dark purple.
And it turned out FANTASTIC. Give it a gander:
Rasha with her fabulous blanket!

Always remember that there is more than one way to resize a pattern and that you are in charge of what you knit. You can make any pattern yours with just a few simple changes.

~ Cecilia

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