join our own mad hatter!

We have a mad hatter on our hands! Faithful employee Cecilia is knitting 52 hats this year. That’s one a week (on average – though Cecilia is quick to say that some may take longer and some may take less time)! She says:

I love to knit hats. It is my go to project when I don’t know what else to do. So last year I decided to knit 52 hats. I have lined up a number of hats already and I am sure there are some which will come up as the year goes by. I am very excited about this challenge. I cast on my first hat on 1/1 and it is using a new yarn we have coming into the shop the middle of January. Some of the hats are going to be for charity, some will be for friends and family and some will be for me. Maybe you would like to join me and knit some hats too. Maybe not 52, but perhaps you would like to knit 12… I plan on having a good time.

Follow along with Cecilia on her journey at her personal blog One Knitter’s Chaos

One thought on “join our own mad hatter!

  1. I love love love it as I, too like to make hats. Great idea! Tip…from architect knitting the falling waters hat is great. Joan Gilbertson


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