how it all began…

Have you ever heard the story of how Julie and I came to own 3 Kittens? If not, here’s the short version… Julie and I met when our both of our older children were in the same 2nd grade class in elementary school. Eventually, we were both part of a group of moms who met weekly for coffee at Bread & Chocoloate on Grand Avenue in St Paul. Everyone knew that I knit, because I was always working on something during meetings and occasionally at coffee. Julie was a needlepointer, and eventually starting working at Three Kittens Yarn Shoppe. Julie was responsible for developing the needlepoint portion of the store. One day at coffee, Julie came to me and said, “I think Karen (the owner of Three Kittens) is going to sell the store. Are you interested in doing it with me?” My immediate reaction was a shiver of thrill! I had thought for years about owning a yarn store. My second reaction was, “No way!” I had three children at home, the oldest of which was going through some issues.

My children - not looking too happy for Christmas, eh?
My children (circa 2006)

I was also working for my husband in his business, Odyssey Restorations. So really I had enough on my hands… But, Julie said that she had another person who worked at Three Kittens that might be interested. I reluctantly (but secretly, hopefully) met with Julie and Cis. Six months later we owned the store! There have been a ton of changes since then – a name change to 3 Kittens Needle Arts, Cis’s departure and return to California to care for her father, the move to our current location, the expansion of our needlepoint business. But throughout all of the changes, our goal has remained the same – to inspire you, our customers, to create and enjoy your crafts and artistry while providing a supportive and friendly shopping and learning experience. And it’s always been the best job I’ve ever had! ~ Laura

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