3 kittens public service announcement: friends don’t let friends work with squeaky fiber

Experienced stitchers of 3 Kittens, you can make a difference.

Do you remember when you didn’t know any better than to head over to your local big box store for supplies? Whether it was the same place you bought your milk and eggs or a special crafty big box that sure seemed like it had a lot of choices, but you were too new at your craft to realize all the choices were actually the same…

There are needle artists out there – many of whom are beloved friends and family members of yours – who still knit with yarn that squeaks (squeaks!) and who still stitch with thread that makes it 5 times harder to get a good stitch. There are still folks who have no idea there’s a whole world of canvases, patterns, and fiber that are as lovely to work with as they are to have as a finished product.

There are creative geniuses whipping out hats, scarves, pillows, ornaments, and even sweaters who have never squooshed a skein of alpaca or felt Vineyard Silk in their needles. Really, you could be related to the next needlepoint Picasso or knitwear Michaelangelo, but it’s nigh impossible to make a masterpiece with substandard tools.

Find them, take them under your wing, and bring them in.

They may get weak in the knees at first, but we can give them a refreshing bottle of water and have a nice sit down. They’ll get their strength back and credit you for saving them from the years they could be wasting on plasticky acrylics that feel like grocery sacks* or uninspired canvases destined to be forever-WIP’s, too boring to be finished.

Trust us. You’ll be changing lives.


*Unless you are actually knitting with plastic grocery sacks. In which case, carry on, environmental warrior. You can use your new tote to hold some alpaca.

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