needlepointed gifts? it’s not too late to start!

While many needlepointed items need to be stitched before the holiday finishing deadlines to insure that they will be ready for wrapping and giving, we have a couple that you can whip up quickly and finish on your own!

Have an Aunt on your list who has everything?DSCN2691

These adorable little canvases (just 1 1/2″ square) can be stitched fast! They fit snuggly into the cute little wooden boxes pictured. The boxes make perfect holders for all sorts of things – paperclips, earrings, little treasures (tiny seashells or rocks from a vacation).

DSCN2692Need something for someone who only wants “something useful”?

Lee leather items are not only practical, but there are a variety of canvases available to make them beautiful. From compact mirrors to jewelry boxes, luggage tags to wallets, Lee makes leather items that have openings in which you can easily insert a stitched canvas. Most of the canvases are small (3″-6″), so they can be stitched quickly. And, we are here to help you put the insert in the leather item of your choice.

It’s never too late to stitch the perfect gift!

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