Keep Your Circs Safe

Needle Keepers

Hey guys! I personally am really excited about the new Needle Keepers…. I LOVE THEM! I tend to shove my knitting haphazardly into bags and by using the Needle Keeper I know that not only am I not going to accidentally lose stitches off of the needles, I am protecting the investment I made in my needles as the joins are covered. For our customers who love bamboo needles, these can help them keep from accidentally snapping one of their tips in the bag. It also protects needles from pet damage (I lost a couple of tips from a bamboo interchangeable set due to a naughty dog.)

Each tube can accommodate a pair of needles up to a size 9. If you want to use them on larger needles you can use the silicon bands that hold the tubes to their display paper to hold 2 tubes together and use a needle in each tube.

Today a question came up as to why one end of the tube is left open, and I think I may have come up with a good answer for that. Since one end is left open they won’t end up with any sort of debris trapped inside of them. For example, lets say you pop the needles in the tube and accidentally feed your start of round stitch marker in with them…the stitch marker can slip out the open end and not either be trapped inside or “lock” your needles in the tube.

With the variety of colors we have available there is a Needle Keeper for everyone. I think that these would make a great gift for a knitting friend or relative.

~ Shelley

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