I’m SO Nervous!

I’m nervous. Scared. Worried… And, no, I’m not talking about the Presidential election!


I’m talking about having a booth at the upcoming Vogue Knitting LIVE event at the Minneapolis Convention Center Nov 4-6.

I wasn’t going to do it – have a booth, that is. But this new yarn company, Sugar Bush Yarns, offered 3 KittensĀ their booth for FREE. How could I pass that up? All we have to do is make sure we feature Sugar Bush Yarns in our booth. No problem! That part’s easy.

What’s not easy is figuring out how to set up the booth. How do I make the displays appealing and conducive to shopping? What kind of fixtures do I need to buy/rent for the show? How much yarn should I bring? It’s keeping me up at night!

I’ve started a Pinterest board to help myself. Here are some of the images I’ve found:

And, luckily, I have great staff to help me out with all of this! I’m sure it will be fine, as long as I just … {breath}…

~ Laura

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