Aalto KAL: Part 4, What Now?

According to the calendar, the Aalto KAL is over. However, I don’t think anyone is finished with their poncho yet. Am I right? I know I’m not! I haven’t even finished with the first half!! And Mary Lou who has been attending the in-person KAL hasn’t either. We took a pic yesterday of our progress.


So, first of all, we are going to extend the knit-a-long. If you can or want to join us in the store, we will be meeting Saturdays, July 29 and August 12, from 2-4pm. That’s four more weeks. Not sure if that will be enough, but we will assess when we get there. I’m hoping to get to the shoulder shaping in the next few days, and I will do another post on the short rows then.

What we noticed, though, when we took the photo is that my fabric (the orange) is much more open than Mary Lou’s fabric (the blue). It’s hard to tell in the above photo, but here’s a close up.


We decided we had better check our gauges again. Oops! Neither of us is on gauge! I am back to 19 sts/4″ and Mary Lou is at 25 sts/4″! I am not terribly concerned about mine. I know I can stretch my finished piece vertically and gravity will do the rest. I may never achieve that perfect 22 sts/4″, but it will be close enough (remember my comment about being tall?). Mary Lou is also not going to worry about it. She is short and was concerned about the length of the poncho down her arms. That is not going to be an issue at all now. And, when she held up the piece to her body, it was obvious that the circumference will be big enough to accommodate her torso, so that’s not a concern. She can also stretch her poncho horizontally when she blocks it if she decides she needs more room in the torso.

This is one of the beauties of this garment – you don’t have to be spot on with your gauge to still have a great poncho.

How are things going for you?

~ Laura

4 thoughts on “Aalto KAL: Part 4, What Now?

  1. Glad to hear no one else is finished, I am almost finished with the length on the first piece. Busy summer, but enjoy taking breaks and relaxing with my knitting!


  2. Help! I just bound off my center stitches for the neck.
    The directions say, “Place 82 sts prev worked on holder for Right Shoulder.” Okay- got it. Then it says, “k to 5 sts before prev GSR, work GSR.” Where am I knitting; on the right shoulder… as I’m transferring to a holder??? That is the only thing that makes sense to me but I’m not sure.

    Then “Left Shoulder/ Row 1 & all WS rows: Purl.”
    Do I join a new yarn and begin purling from the neck edge?

    That’s enough for now- thanks for your help!
    – Judy


  3. Judy – I’m not there yet, but it seems to me that you should have 78-88 sts (depending on the size you’re making) on your right needle. Those are the ones that you should place on a holder. Your yarn should still be attached and ready to work the sts on your left needle. You will just pick up your working yarn and knit to 5 sts before the previous GSR – which means you are working on the left shoulder.

    Hope that helps!



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