Shopping at 3 Kittens During the Pandemic

We know how it is. You’ve got free time on your hands. You’ve been browsing Instagram, Facebook, Ravelry, Pinterest, etc. And, you’ve seen something you’ve just got to have … right now! But you can’t make it to 3 Kittens, and what you want isn’t on our website. We can still help!

The first step is to call us at 651-457-4969 or send an email to Julie (for needlepoint) or Laura (for yarn). Sometimes, the item you need is in the store but not on our website. Many other items we can order for you.

A number of our yarn department vendors are drop shipping directly to our customers during the pandemic. This is a special service for a special time. (And, boy, are we grateful!) How does it work? You place your order through us. We send the order to our vendor. They ship to you. Easy peasy! (You will get your 3K Club rewards for all drop shipped items).

Who’s participating?


Appalachian Baby Design


Feza Yarns

Jul Designs

Lenny Mud

Trendsetter Yarns

Urth Yarns