The 4-Day Sweater KAL is Coming

We’re participating in Olive Knits 4-Day Sweater KAL again this year. Marie Greene has designed a unisex sweater for everyone – Soundtrack!

What is the 4-Day Sweater KAL?
Olive Knits has been doing the 4-Day Sweater Knit-A-Long for four years. Every year, Marie Greene designs a sweater that can be completed in 4-days – but you’re allowed to take longer! This year the sweater is Soundtrack. Check out the Olive Knits blog for all the details on the how, why, and when, but know that it starts July 1, 2020 – which is just around the corner.

How do you sign up?
There’s no real sign up. All you need to do is buy the pattern (during the pre-order phase, the price is $8; after June 15, the price will be $9). And make sure to join Olive Knit’s Facebook group for lots of fun during the KAL.

What do we recommend for yarn?
Soundtrack calls for DK or light worsted weight yarn in two high-contrast colors, and 3 Kittens has a lot of options. Marie used Kelbourne Woollens Scout, a non-superwash wool. Blue Sky Fibers Woolstok or Brown Sheep Nature Spun Worsted would be lovely as well. We also have some superwash and non-wool options. Keep in mind that, whatever you choose, you should do a swatch and wet block it to make sure it behaves as you want and that you are getting gauge!

Click here for all of the details on the Olive Knits website.

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